Wedding Decoration Hire:

Inarguably, luxury wedding decoration hire is the supreme statement of all weddings.

A unique lifetime opportunity to celebrate your personality, creativity and social standing; your wedding decor says it all.

Over the years, Elegance Decor’s specialist team of wedding decorators in London have gained invaluable experience in designing wedding decor for high-profile clientele, celebrities and public figures alike. We hope to share some of this acquired knowledge with our discerning brides, by offering essential advice about luxury wedding decoration hire. As Elegance Decor serves London and surrounding counties, the following article assumes the readers are predominately London based. So let us begin with the fundamentals:

Wedding Decoration Hire; The venue:

Sincerely, venues tend to increase hire prices to accommodate weddings so please hold this in mind when considering your venue hire budget.

Understandably, venue proprietors require a relatively large deposit and signing of a contract to secure the hire of the venue. It is important for you to read the contract to confirm the hours of hire as some venues charge additional hire hours for you to have wedding decorators install your essential wedding decor.

Even your crucial wedding decoration hire props like your wedding backdrops or flower centerpieces will take a few hours to install. The venues potential time constraint may impact negatively upon what our Elegance Decor wedding decorators London team can achieve within the time and budget you had originally allocated towards designing your wedding decor.

Some unethical venues may also have a clause in the contract obligating you to pay additional for their ‘one-size fits all’ ‘in-house’ caterers, DJ’s, photographers, wedding decor, and so forth. Such ‘one-stop shops’ generally offer the same substandard wedding decoration hire to different brides day-in and day-out. If you later disagree with having the venue’s wedding decor you could risk forfeiting your deposit or even worse, having no wedding decoration hire at all.

Some venues may inform that their “luxury” wedding backdrops and usually also involving centrepiece hire, are incorporated into the venue’s hire price as a set wedding decor package. However this ultimately means you are paying additional hire for a standard wedding backdrops, rather than truly stunning wedding backdrops (such as bespoke Floral Wedding Backdrops, Starlight Wedding Backdrops, or Grecian Wedding Backdrops to name a few). There is an essential difference! You deserve sumptuous couture wedding backdrops and centrepiece hire to reflect the uniqueness of your special day, beloved family and friends.

So, before giving a venue your hard earned deposit, confirm if there are any restrictions governing wedding decor.

Unashamedly biased, Elegance Decor proudly asserts that our professional wedding decorators London team will create the overall ambiance for the calibre of your wedding, reflect your social standing and leave an everlasting impression for your esteemed guests. The grandeur of uber rich luxurious wedding centrepieces hired at your one and only wedding reception can only ever be worth it. Because You are worth it!

Incontestably your wedding decor will remain captured in your wedding photos, cinematography and memories of friends and family for a lifetime. You and your honourable guests deserve to be awestruck with having never before seen such opulent wedding decor.

As stated, depending upon the extent of venue transformation required, the installation of wedding decoration hire however realistically takes time. But who could argue against life-sized wedding centerpieces hired, such as abundant Floral Wedding Trees, can only ever impress.

So be prudent, assertive, and ask the venue’s banqueting manager if additional wedding decoration hire hours are to be paid to enable luxurious wedding decor. Do read the venues contract before signing! From the outset the above will support you ring-fence realistic revenue for your wedding decoration hire.

Reputable wedding decoration hire companies such as Elegance Decor will however exceed your expectations of what is achievable within a limited timeframe and budget.

Wedding Decoration Hire; Genesis:

Indeed, the Internet and social media are very useful mediums for viewing inspirational wedding decor and thus in signposting you to making initial contact with wedding decoration hire companies.

Reliable wedding decorators based nearby to your venue will have reduced risk of non-attendance due to unforeseen circumstances, say dreaded unplanned road closures etc. This is the main reason why Elegance Décor’s wedding decorators London team serves London and surrounding counties as we would rather decline contracts than place our cherished customers wedding decor and our good reputation at risk. God-willing to date our brides have remained blessed!

If you are getting married, say in London, or surrounding counties, then we strongly suggest seeking a local reputable wedding decorators London team in order to reduce the risk of a nonattendance.

It helps to be selective with Internet search words when seeking a wedding decorators London team close to your geographical area, for example if typing:

“Wedding decoration hire”
“Nigerian wedding”
“Elegance decor”
“Wedding backdrops”

You would gain a more accurate search result by including the location, for example:

“Flower centerpieces” London
“Centrepiece hire” London
“Wedding decorators London”

By adding the quotation marks “…” (i.e. “wedding decorators London”) you will further narrow down the results, save time and expense.

Save the preferred wedding decoration hire company’s website to your bookmark favourites for ease of future viewing and do share with friends through social media to gain trusted valued opinions! Facebook, Pininterest, Instagram, Google+ are all very useful for this purpose.

With all the liaisons with various wedding decoration hire companies, you may wish to maintain a notebook and pictorial ‘mood-board’ with reminders about what you liked about specific flower centerpieces say.

Why not have an informative and pleasurable day out visiting wedding shows to gain wedding decor inspiration. The National Wedding Show in London is a must see, however there are also shows specifically catering for a Nigerian Wedding, Asian Wedding and so on. However, be mindful that wedding decoration hire companies at the very highest level of the industry no longer need to advertise at wedding shows as their stellar reputation and recommendations alone continue their following.

Recommendation from trusted sources, personal or professional, are however certainly the most reliable source of information to guide your commissioning decision.

Ask wedding show exhibitor’s questions and do take photos to add to your wedding decor mood-board. Ensure your fiancée accompanies you to gain a shared expectation of your wedding decoration hire budget.

So to avoid disappointment, contact your preferred wedding decoration hire companies early and ask for prices so that your essential wedding decor budget is reliably informed.

Look out for 'hidden charges' however! For example, enquire whether the wedding decorators London team centrepiece hire prices quoted are inclusive of delivery, installation, collection and the amount of deposit required etc.

Sourcing high-calibre wedding planners may also save you valuable time and heartache by signposting you to the very finest wedding decoration hire companies (whom genuinely get booked early). The wedding planner, if well established, may even recoup some revenue on your behalf! Most planners represent a particular community say for a Nigerian Wedding, Asian Wedding etc.

Once you have established the terms of the wedding decorators London team’s priced hire costings, you can then relax and enjoy working in harmony with your chosen wedding decorator hire company to visualise and create your beautiful wedding decor.

Wedding Decoration Hire; The Art of Design:

At Elegance Decor, we assert that anyone can to varying degrees, visualise otherwise one would never put on a nice colour-coordinated outfit, decorate a living room or design a garden. Some couples find it easier to visualise their wedding decoration hire design by making a pictorial portfolio of desired flower centerpieces, wedding backdrops, etc whilst others may simply close their eyes and dream.

To begin, consider which wedding decor style you envision might suit your personality or guest’s preference, or both? Take time, relax, close your eyes and gently think about it for a while…

Did you visualise vintage wedding decor or contemporary wedding decor? Now observe the venue’s geographical context; is it set in a soft relaxed rural village or busy vibrant urban London area? Respecting the venue’s location and existing features are essential. Is it a modern or a period featured building? Would you like to harmonise the wedding decor with the venues original features or offer a complete contrast.

Now lets imagine arriving at your wedding venue with your bridesmaids gleefully sowing confetti in a dull empty doorway.

Conversely, lets now imagine the same scene with the doorway brightened by a magnificent arch of flowers with you walking underneath blooming wedding flower trees bordered by flower centerpieces. Regardless whether the scene above is for a Nigerian Wedding, Asian Wedding or any other; an appreciation of the significance of wedding decoration hire is undeniable.

Traveling through your venue, is the grandeur of your beautiful wedding decor carried throughout? Strategically placed professional lighting design to illuminate, sculpt and accentuate existing features or thoroughly colour wash the venue, skilfully and subtly offers focal points or unify a space, seamlessly and tastefully guiding and enticing you to the grand finalé; your reception wedding decor.

Some spatial spaces require a minimalist approach, using professional lighting design only, whereas other spaces require a comprehensive array of wedding decoration hire props, such as venue draping, wedding backdrops and flower centerpieces. Having visual impact on the ground level is impressive however a floral ceiling canopy-complete with frothy cascading flowers and sparkling crystal garlands-simply raises the standard of the wedding decor to a whole other level.

As guests enter your wedding reception, it is however ultimately the flower centerpieces that collectively greet them and set the overall scene and the wedding backdrops which simply states - STUNNING !

Sensible couples earmark the majority of their wedding decoration hire budget towards where their guests typically spend most part of their time, sat before the flower centerpieces; undeniably the most essential aspect of the wedding decoration hire.

Most wedding centrepiece hire styles cluster into one of four categories; architectural (contemporary and sculptural), vintage (fluffy and feminine), English garden (full, trailing and colourful) and Tuscan (warm, rustic and Autumnal). Identifying one of the above will also assist you choose your colour palette. The flower centerpieces colour tone needs to be unified with the existing space. This can all be a daunting prospect, especially for those without a creative background but your experienced wedding decorators London team should be able to assist; making designing your wedding decor seem effortless and we hope enjoyable.

Wedding flower centerpieces should be to scale with the reception space: the larger the venue, the grander the displays. First consider the height of the flower centerpieces; as a general guide the centrepiece hire should be either below or above eye-level of your seated esteemed guests for ease of conversation. This will add greatly to the atmosphere, fostering relations and shared celebration of your special day and wedding decoration hire.

If your banqueting suite has high ceilings, tall wedding centrepiece hire is essential, as you don’t want too much empty space between the table surface and the ceiling. Well-placed wedding flower trees offer the essential proportion to the space. Low-level wedding flower centerpieces work well in small intimate rooms and also for outside functions but they can also complement the base of your ‘statement’ flower centerpieces such as the wedding flower trees. However the wedding reception centrepiece hire theme must tie gracefully from one to the next.

Alternating tall wedding flower centerpieces with low flower centerpieces to break-up empty space without doubt looks absolutely stunning, the most appeasing for any wedding photographer to capture and essentially keeps centrepiece hire costs to a minimum.

Whilst the design of wedding flower centerpieces do not need to be identical from table to table, they should share common elements to tie your theme together. Whether you choose to uniform the colour scheme or vary the content within the centrepiece hire, both approaches bode well.

Thus far, together we have established that your guests will spend most of their time sat before the wedding flower centerpieces however without question, their eyes WILL predominately be transfixed upon the bride and groom, sat proud before their most exquisite couture wedding backdrops. It is therefore paramount that the wedding backdrops upstage, or at the very least compliments, the grandeur of the flower centerpieces.

There are many wedding backdrops styles to consider, from Starlight Wedding Backdrops, Grecian Wedding Backdrops to full couture Flower Wedding Backdrops, all as equally universally suitable for Nigerian wedding decor, Asian wedding decor, Jewish wedding decor and so on. Essentially the wedding backdrops scene provides the very best showcase and photo opportunities for your wedding decor photo album.

Wedding Decoration Hire; Painting with Light:

Invariably, in order to capture a first-class account of every heartfelt moment of your wedding day, professional photography and cinematography are essential. However wedding decor is undoubtedly what sets the scene of the photos, placing your unique signature upon the venue, and making your wedding decoration hire photos memorable forevermore.

One could quite simply come to think of wedding decor and photography as the virtual bride and groom, truly inseparably in love.

Your venue wedding decoration hire will however offer challenges for any photographer regardless of their calibre. The reception will have professional wedding lighting design projected upon the walls, starlight dance floors and ceiling, as well as essential pin-spot luminaires for the flower centerpieces. All the lighting effects will have various lighting temperature’s, which could change throughout the wedding decoration hire period.

It is essential therefore that the hired professional photographer/cinematographer and Elegance Decor’s wedding decorators London team work closely together to share expectations and coordinate the environment accordingly. The result will be stunning, depth-filled and emotional wedding decoration hire photos for future yesteryears.

Your wedding decoration hire photos/video will be some of the most important imagery you will have exposed in your life, offering an historical account of your family status for future generations. Carefully choosing your photographer and wedding decorators will ensure that the photos of your wedding decoration hire provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment and pride.

Wedding Decoration Hire: The Conclusion

And finally, now imagine your venue and photos without the wedding decoration hire… What do you see?

At Elegance Decor, our passion, specialism and professional experience is providing the highest-calibre wedding decoration hire irrespective of the potential challenges provided by your specific venue and revenue.

If you require more support regarding your essential wedding decor please visit our ‘contact us’ page to discuss further.

In the meanwhile, why not leisurely browse our wedding decoration hire galleries or the Elegance Decor social media sites (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Google+) to gain pictorial inspiration for your stunning wedding decoration hire. We have beautiful real life weddings reflecting Nigerian Wedding decor, Asian Wedding décor and Jewish Wedding decor to name a few.

Please do keep visualising; it really is so much fun. In fact, at Elegance Decor we love it!

We look forward to hearing from you soon and supporting you to live the dream.