Selecting a Purveyor of Fine Nigerian Cuisine

Over the years, Elegance Decor has had the privilege to collaborate with the uppermost echelons of Nigerian wedding caterers in London. With the invaluable experience we have gained in collaborating with Nigerian wedding caterers we hope to pass this essential knowledge onto you.

We suggest when meeting with your Nigerian wedding caterer, you have to hand the accompanying questionnaire at the end of this article so not to forget the essential guidance presented forthwith:

Nigerian wedding caterers in London unquestionably remain highly specialised purveyors of fine cuisine.

In accordance with Nigerian cultures, only the privileged elite inherit these age-old family culinary arts. One would therefore be hard-pressed to find a non-Nigerian catering company in London highly skilled in providing the culinary delights of fine Nigerian wedding cuisine. 

These specialised mouth-watering Nigerian wedding cuisines will however deservedly consume a large portion of your wedding budget, so it's essential you feel confident in knowing how to make an informed decision when hiring a Nigerian wedding caterer.

To begin, invariably it is essential that you confirm the exact number of guests you expect to attend your wedding.

In time-honoured tradition, it would be prudent to establish with your respected Nigerian elders how many of their guests they feel ‘must’ attend your wedding. You may also wish to consider sensitively placing boundaries upon the elders’ guests inviting their own ‘guests’. This is more so important if selecting a buffet style provision whereby people have free access to the menu whereas a sit-down meal offers some tangible justification as to why the ‘guests’ numbers require limitations. Hereafter arranging the rest should be relatively simple…

Hold in mind that some essential vendors providing a service to your wedding will also need to be included in the final ‘guests’ numbers for requiring Nigerian wedding catering provisions such as the photographer, videographer, band, D.J., M.C. and other staffs required to remain at the wedding throughout. Most wedding vendors terms and conditions of hire will state the above.

Confirming wedding guest numbers will of course inform the costings required to provide a meal for each guest but also, inform the type of banqueting style most practical such as:

Canapés; light Nigerian canapés are perfectly suited to a welcoming drinks reception or a stylish cocktail party.

Buffets; are an excellent and cost effective solution for larger informal weddings where a satisfying meal is required. Buffet Service also gives your wedding guests a greater choice of food.

Sit down dinner; offers structure and formality to your wedding. This can be a more traditional form of service. The meals are agreed with the client, served pre-plated to the wedding guests who remain seated during the food service.

Bowl Food; offers wedding guests the chance to make their selections from a number of dishes that are brought round by the caterers waiting team. The food is presented in dainty bowls in order to offer just enough to tempt. Wedding guests can engage in the reception celebrations whilst they casually ‘graze’ on various sumptuous options.

Family Style Dinner; somewhere in-between a sit-down, plated-meal and a buffet-dinner, this type of service often has options for mains and accompaniments (like a mini-buffet), but is brought to you and your guests in bowls. Dishes of food are passed among the wedding guests at the table, allowing everyone to take as much or as little as they want.

When considering your banqueting style, you will also need to consider the lay-out of the venue and which banqueting style compliments the wedding decoration hire design, and requirements of other vendors attending, such as the D.J., cocktail bar, dance floor etc. Elegance Decor and the venue’s banqueting manager will be more than pleased to assist regarding these matters. For example, you will not want your wedding backdrops position where the caterers will be entering and exiting the banqueting suite all night serving guest, removing dirty cutlery etc. 

Without question, the two largest companies present on the day of your wedding will be the caterers closely followed by Elegance Decor. The synchronisation of these services is therefore essential if the complex logistics of the wedding day are to run seamlessly.

Elegance Decor is competent in knowing the expectations and working arrangements of Nigerian wedding caterers in London as we have previously worked together many times  at London’s most prestigious wedding venues.

It might sound cliché, however demand for the very best Nigerian wedding caterers in London is truly high so please do secure your date at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment. Allow between 12 to 24 months prior to your wedding date to secure your Nigerian wedding caterers in London.

Favour Catering and Events

One such London based company in very high demand is Favour Catering and Events; a renowned family run business with years of experience within the African Caribbean catering industry. Their passion is to provide delicious, beautifully presented African Caribbean cuisine with a commitment to exemplar customer service.

As an established industry leader, Favour Catering and Events have successfully built a reputation for bespoke catering and personal service. They design menus to specifically suite each client’s wedding to ensure that the entire customer experience from initial pre-wedding consultation, whereby creative suggestions and guidance is provided, to the actual wedding day is both friendly and uber professional.

Whether your dream is a canapé and champagne reception followed by a four-course wedding breakfast complete with bar service and evening buffet or an elegantly understated main course meal, Favour Catering and Events surpasses even the most discerning expectations.

Consequently, Favour Catering and Events have acquired an enviable diverse portfolio of high-profile loyal customers willing, as a token of their gratitude for being provided a service of excellence, to offer testimonials to enquiring customers.

From Chefs, Kitchen Assistants, Porters, Waiters and Managers, all the perpetual team at Favour Catering and Events play an important role in delivering a successful wedding experience. From the initial set-up to the final clearance, Favour Catering and Events ensure your wedding reception runs like clockwork, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day.

Favour Catering & Events also generously offer all their clients no corkage on drinks. They will happily advise you of where to buy your drinks and what quantities you would require in order to save on costs without sacrificing quality.

Simply have the drinks delivered to your venue, and Favour Catering & Events will chill and serve them, and return all surpluses to you at the end of the wedding reception. There would only be a charge for Ice and serving Bar Staff.

Favour Catering & Events no corkage policy is not applicable to all venues however as some venues insist on charging you directly for corkage.

Favour Catering & Events do however offer an easier alternative...

Favour Catering & Events are revered for their cocktails from party-punches to quick mixed drinks they do it all. They offer drinks packages that include unlimited drinks from the pre-agreed selection and will include Ice, as well as Ice Baths, Trays and Bar Staff.

Favour Catering & Events ensure they will take care of everything. You will have unlimited drinks and know the cost per head in advance. All of Favour Catering & Events drinks packages can be individually tailored to suit your preferences.

Above all, Favour Catering and Events simply love weddings with a passion!

For further details, please visit their website.


King Solomon‘s Catering

King Solomon‘s Catering is another great catering company in London, which has a creative, gifted Head Chef, affectionately known as ‘King Solomon’ from Ghana, whom has over twenty years of experience within the catering industry.

King Solomon and his consistent multinational team of African Caribbean caterers have together been providing excellent, professional catering services for over a decade.

The ethos of King Solomon’s Catering is customer satisfaction. Combining both classical African Caribbean cuisines with contemporary cutting-edge culinary creativity. King Solomon’s delicious African Caribbean food is a fusion of rich aroma, delectable flavours, and visually pleasing colours. King Solomon Catering prides themselves in providing stylishly presentable fine tasting cuisine.

King Solomon’s Catering has a stellar reputation throughout London being conveniently located in the heart of the London city centre. They receive their fresh, natural ingredients from the local sources within London.

Their delicious bespoke menus are based on both traditional and modern African Caribbean, Australasian, Oriental and Continental cuisines. This pioneering fusion of cultures and cuisines has made King Solomon’s Catering remain in high demand for their services. Their established team of excellent professional African Caribbean caterers can confidently design a unique menu according to your specific desirers.

Whether you require a grand full service buffet-dinner or an intimate canapés reception, their aim is to make each King Solomon’s Catering wedding an unforgettable culinary memory, giving you all the attention you need for your special day with the same kind of love and care that you will celebrate.

All you need do is simply enjoy your wedding. King Solomon’s Catering will offer you support, understanding, and kindness on your happy but very busy day.

For further details contact:


Questions to ask your Nigerian wedding caterers

When meeting with your selected Nigerian wedding caterers in London we recommend printing out this essential list of questions and taking it along with you to inform your hire decision!

The Wedding Date:

• Is my wedding date available?
• How many Nigerian weddings will you cater that day?

Background Information:

• How many Nigerian weddings do you cater per year?
• Have you done events at my wedding venue?
• Are you licensed, with health permits and liability insurance?
• Are you licensed to serve alcohol?
• Will I need any special permits for my event? (If so, will you handle obtaining them?)
• Will you provide a banquet manager to coordinate the meal service or an on-site coordinator who will run the entire wedding? (If so, can we meet this person before the wedding?)

Food & Presentation:

• What is your signature fare?
• Do you specialise in certain cuisines?
• Given my budget, guest count, and wedding style, what food choices would you recommend?
• Where does the food come from?
• What can you do for Nigerian wedding guests with allergies and dietary restrictions?
• Will the food be prepared on-site or be brought in already prepared or both?
• How will you handle last-minute requests?


• Do you have a license to serve alcohol?
• Do you have liability insurance?
• Do you provide alcoholic beverages and bartenders?
• Can you accommodate specialty cocktails?
• What brands of alcohol will be served?
• Can we provide the alcohol and you provide the bar labor?
• Do you charge a corkage fee if we provide our own wine or champagne?
• How do you charge for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages?(Per consumption or per person?) (Which is more cost-effective?)
• Is the champagne toast after the ceremony included in your meal packages or is it extra?
• Will your staff serve the wine with dinner?
• How long will alcohol be served?
• Is coffee and tea service included with the per-person meal charge? (What brands of each do you offer and do they include decaf and herbal tea options?)


• What are your water, electrical, and equipment needs?
• How long will it take your team to set-up and break down the catering side of the wedding?
• Will your staff clean the kitchen and banqueting hall before leaving?
• What is the ratio of servers to guests?
• What time will you and your staff arrive at the site?
• Will your team handle all table settings regarding cutlery?
• Will your team light candles and put out place cards and favors?
• What is your policy on clean-up?
• How will your staff dress?
• How do you handle tips for your staff?
• What do you do with surpluses of food and drinks?

Catering Packages and Payment:

• Do we have to work off a preset wedding menu or can you create a custom wedding menu for our event?
• Could you accommodate if I have a special dish I'd like served?
• Do you offer wedding packages or is everything a la carte?
• What exactly do your packages include?
• Can you explain the price differences between sit-down meal vs. buffet vs. stations vs. cocktail-style reception vs. family-style?
• How much do you charge for children's meals?
• How much do you charge for vendor meals?
• Do you provide wedding cakes? (If so, is this included in the per-person meal price or is it extra?)
• If we use an outside wedding cake designer, do you charge a cake-cutting fee?
• If I decide not to serve a wedding cake, what are some other dessert options?
• Do you do menu tastings and is there an extra charge for this?
• Do you handle hire equipment such as tables, chairs, etc.?
• What types of linens, glassware, plates and flatware do you provide? (What would be the additional fees?)
• When will I receive a written contract?
• How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due?
• Do you offer a payment plan?
• What is your refund/cancellation policy?
• What information do you need from me before the wedding day?
• When would I need to finalise the menu?
• When will you need a final guest count?
• How far in advance do I need to book you?

Elegance Decor hopes you find the above information useful in knowing how to select your Nigerian wedding caterers in London. 

All the best,
Elegance Decor.